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As a clean energy carrier, hydrogen can play a major role in the transition to a low carbon economy. As a transport fuel, hydrogen can drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality. With the capability of acting as a long duration energy store, hydrogen can also be used to overcome the intermittency of renewables. More than this, there is growing international evidence that these capabilities can be realised commercially in the near term as a new market for hydrogen energy emerges -  rather than being a remote future prospect.

CymruH2Wales Project

This website describes the ongoing CymruH2Wales project and the broader hydrogen and fuel cell R&D activities of the University of South Wales. CymruH2Wales aims to ensure that Wales can play an active role in establishing new hydrogen technology products, processes and services. It is hoped that this activity will allow Wales to gain an early advantage in the adoption of hydrogen as part of a low carbon energy future.

The current phase of CymruH2Wales is a £6.3 million project, which builds on the leading research conducted by the University of South Wales. Together with academic partners including Swansea and Bangor Universities and a range of industrial collaborations, the project will make use of Wales’ expertise and previous investment in the field of hydrogen energy and the associated processes to extend the technology through experimental development and industrial research.

Low Carbon Research Institute

This project is part of a broader R&D programme conducted by the Low Carbon Research Institute (LCRI) of which the University of Glamorgan is a part. The £34million LCRI Convergence Programme is part funded by the EU’s Convergence European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government.

This web site has been established to provide information on the transition to a hydrogen based low-carbon energy future, in general and hydrogen activities in Wales in particular. The site was originally set up as part of the Objective 1 part-funded project “A Sustainable Energy Supply for Wales : Towards the Hydrogen Economy”. It continues to inform on all activities geared towards the transition to a hydrogen economy in Wales.
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